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Being an adult is great. You can have your own money, make your own decisions, have guilt-free sex, and can stay up as late as you want. However, even with all of these added pleasures, there are certain childhood things that many adults still enjoy.


I recently came across a book entitled Rejuvenile, by Christopher Noxon, which examines this trend of adults taking an interest in juvenile things. It's an interesting read, but in my opinion, the main force driving this movement is society's general state of being overworked and stressed out. What better way is there to shake off the overbearing feelings of responsibility than to act like a kid?


College students may not have to deal with full time jobs or have the weight of supporting a family, but they endure plenty of stress with their exams, professors, relationships, lack of money, etc.  So, I say why not behave like a child every now and then if it makes you feel better? Most of it is harmless fun anyway (duh, kids do it).


If you need help remembering what childhood was like, here are five "kid" activities that are still fun for adults.


Watching Cartoons

Let's face it, many adult shows are complete downers. I mean, how many Law and Orders or crime scene investigator programs can you watch before you just get really depressed? Cartoons have a way of boosting your spirits and your imagination, and some of them are just plain funny (there are plenty of adults getting a good laugh over Spongebob). Adult cartoons can be entertaining, but to really embrace your inner child stick with the kid varieties.


Coloring Books

Breaking out the crayons and completely filling in a page in the coloring book can be very therapeutic. It takes very little mental energy and you can just enjoy the process. And guess what? You are really good at coloring now. It's so simple to stay in the lines and you can easily impress any children that happen to be around.


Board Games

We all know adults love games (who do you think is playing all of that World of Warcraft?) But, nothing brings you back to your childhood like an old-fashioned board game. No batteries or electricity needed -- simply sit down with some dice and maybe a spinner and let the fun begin.


Blocks / Legos

There is no greater satisfaction than spending a few hours creating something, showing it off to your friends, and then completely destroying it. The building process takes quite a bit of mental concentration, so it distracts your brain from your adult problems. Then, you get to let out all of your aggression by kicking the thing down.


Playground Games

Kick the Can, Tag, Red Light - Green Light, Dodgeball, Kickball, Squarefour -- do you remember those games? They don't take much skill, they get you running around, and they are fun for everyone. In fact, the popularity of these games has resulted in the formation of several adult leagues. Why not join one and make some other "childish" friends?


With a quick Google search you may be surprised by all of the sites and groups dedicated to kid activities. Some of the most interesting ones that I came across are the Skipping Evangelists, the Tag Institute, and the Ultimate Pajama Party group.


What are some favorite childhood activities that you still enjoy?






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