First Day of Class: To Go or Not to Go?

09/08/2011 18:56

Skipping the First Day of Class

Naturally, I thought that it would be appropriate to start the blog at the beginning — the first day of class. Whether you are a freshman or an experienced senior, we've all endured enough first days of school to know that, for the most part, nothing really gets accomplished. Generally, the professor hands out the syllabus, talks for a bit, and then lets you leave early. Meanwhile, you are left trying to kill time between each class, which can make for a really long day. So, the question remains, if you feel comfortable reading the syllabus on your own, is it really necessary to attend the first day's classes, or can you extend your break a little longer?


The answer is — it depends. Some professors really take notice of who is missing and who bothered to show up. A good example is this instructor who considers first day attendance as one of the top ways that you can impress her. Don't assume that if you are absent the teacher will simply think that your schedule is not finalized, as most professors are already wise to this game.


That considered, if you blow off class the first day you are really taking a gamble on making a good first impression. This might not be a risk that you want to take if the course is in your field of study since you will likely see that professor again (remember, it's possible that you will have to ask this person for a reference one day). On the other hand, if it’s a large class, and if the course in not in your major, then it's likely that no one is going to notice you anyway. As long as do your work, and don't make a habit out of skipping, then you should suffer no ill-effects.


For those who only read the ending of any article, here's my final verdict:

Classes in your major = You should probably show up the first day.

Core Classes = Feel free to skip; you won't miss much.


If you want to have a good laugh get some extra insight into the first day of school, then check out some of these "first day" video diaries on YouTube.

Topic: First Day of Class: To Go or Not to Go?

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