Halloween Costume Ideas

10/25/2011 09:39

Halloween is less than a week away -- do you have your costume yet? And don't tell me that you aren't going to dress up, because as a college student it is your duty to attend a Halloween party, and you can't show up to a Halloween party without a costume.


Sure, there are plenty of places where you can buy an entire readymade costume, but what's the fun in that? In my opinion, costumes should be homemade. Using your creativity and rummaging materials from around your house is all part of the festivities.


When I was a kid I always made my own costumes; I don't think buying one ever crossed my mind. Of course, I don't know how creative I really was since I dressed up as a bum for about eight years in a row. This, by the way, is the easiest costume ever: Dad's baggy clothes, dirty face, and a rope for a belt -- done. But, even if the bum costume wasn't creative, I always put it together myself and usually got ready about twenty minutes before going trick or treating.


As an adult, I still think the basic Halloween costume rules apply:

  • Make it yourself
  • Buy as few materials as possible (try to use stuff from around your house)
  • Keep it fun (sorry, all you sexy pirates and vampiresses. Since when did Halloween become an excuse to dress like a hoochie?

If you're having trouble thinking of an idea, here are some of the more original costumes that I have found on the internet. Several of them are shown with kids wearing them, but I think they will work just as well for adults.



Bed Bug Costume - Image Collection

Tiny insects crawling all over you, almost impossible to get rid of, huge extermination fees… is there anything scarier than bed bugs? I don't think so.


Pop Culture Person

octomom halloween costumes for women

Well, the Octomom isn't in the news much these days, but I love costumes that poke fun at celebrities or pop culture in general. If you're going to go this route, try and think of someone who's made a lot of headlines lately (otherwise you'll have to explain who you are all night).


Paper Doll

Paper Doll Costume Correct- Image Collection

It seems relatively simple to make and is something I haven't seen before. Plus, if you just can't let Halloween pass without showing a little skin, you can wear something skimpy behind the cutout.



Ok, this was originally a dog costume -- but it is cool! It's probably not the easiest thing to make, but if you're talented, I'm sure you could rework it for a human. Come on all you art majors… put your skills to the test.


YouTube Video

Could you imagine someone making a video of the guy in his video costume … kind of trippy. I love how he only rated himself 1.5 stars -- too funny.


College Theme

If you want to stick with a college theme, you could dress up as one of your professors, as a police officer busting up a frat party, or as something really frightening like an examination booklet or the dreaded empty resume template (mostly scary for seniors about to graduate).


Hope these ideas have sparked your imagination. Share your costume ideas in the comment section below.





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