How Best to Communicate with Family

09/15/2011 11:17


Yesterday, I came across this funny video of a couple of old people trying to figure out their webcam, and it served as inspiration for today's topic—keeping in touch with your family back home. 
As easy as it is to get caught up in your new world and forget about your far away loved ones, it really is important to keep  in touch, and let them know what's going on in your life. Maintaining strong communication and relationships with your family is important, because no matter what they are the few people in life who will always be there for you… … plus, you may need to ask them for money one day. 
So, what's the best way to stay connected and maintain your status as favorite child? Below are some tips on when and how to use popular communication methods.
Text - As tempting as it is, texting in all circumstances just doesn't really cut it when you are dealing with parents (or anyone for that matter). These days, most parents text, but they consider it more of a supplement to phone conversations, not a replacement. Thus, you should really only text your family interesting little tidbits between phone conversations and definitely nothing of real importance. 
Examples of things you should never text:
Hi, how's the weather? BTW, I just got kicked out of school.
I'm really broke. Can you send some money?
Hey, how's Dad? Do you think you could bail me out of jail?
Need textbooks by tomorrow…send money.
Ok, I think you get the point; don't text anything consequential and don't text asking for money.
Phone - This is really obvious, but yes, be sure to call your family regularly. Calling once a week is sufficient (with intermittent texts in between). If you stretch it out any farther than that they start to get complexes about you not needing them anymore, or that you've forgotten all about them, etc. Also, be sure not to call them only when you need something (money), or they will assume you just think of them as a bank.
Web Cam - Want to take your favorite child tally up a notch? Then, substitute your regular phone conversations for a web chat. If they can get it to work, grandparents and parents eat this stuff up. They love actually being able to see your face, and they feel much more connected to you. If you don't already have a web cam, they are worth the money and something that every college student needs.
Letters - Yes, people still do write letters, and moms especially love getting hand-written notes. You don't have to do it too often, but definitely on special occasions, holidays, Mother's Day (of course), and throw in at least one "just because" note. Your mom will think that you are the best kid in the world, and a good letter can counteract at least three months of being a jerk.
By following these tips, your family will worry a lot less about what you may or may not be doing in college, and your parents will be so pleased that they will likely send you money without even being asked (not saying that's why you're doing this).

Topic: How Best to Communicate with Family

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