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03/04/2012 14:04

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Are clothes the thorn in your side that are slowing you down every morning and making you late for class – not because they don’t fit or they are out of style, but because you never seem to have anything clean to wear? Getting to class on time is hard enough, but things get even more harried when you’re knee-deep in dirty laundry frantically searching for something that’s acceptable enough to wear in public.  

Unless you have a maid or are incredibly disciplined, then you’ve likely been in this position a time or two. You know what I’m talking about: You’ve got ten minutes to get out the door. You’re rooting through mounds of laundry looking for the least stinky pair of socks (at this point, they don’t even have to match) while trying to rub the wrinkles out of your jeans and scrape a ketchup stain off an otherwise clean looking shirt. Overall, it’s a pain, and frankly, a filthy way to live. If your mornings are like that more often than not, then you need some laundry 101.


Step 1: Get some hampers

If you have a bunch of clothes then you can probably benefit from several hampers (one for each wash type: whites, lights, darks), but you should at least get one (and use it!)

Step 2: Start a Wash Routine

As humdrum as it sounds, a routine is the best way to get into the habit of doing anything. Pick one day out of the week to do your laundry and then stick with the plan. I prefer to do laundry on Mondays because Mondays are typically crappy anyway, so I don’t feel as bad about clouding this day with one of my least favorite chores.

Step 3: Fold and Put Away

I find this is the step where many college students go astray. It’s tempting to just take the clothes out of the dryer and chuck them on your bed, table, or chair, but this only gets the clothes wrinkly and makes you look like a slob. Plus, most of the clothes end up falling on the floor or getting shed on by your cat and end up dirty before you’ve even had a chance to wear them – a big waste of time.  


Even if you’re attending the University of Phoenix or some other online college, eventually you’re going to have to leave the house, and I know it sounds simple, but these 3 simple steps will keep the laundry beast under control. To make the whole process less painful, find something entertaining to do at the same time. Most college students wash clothes at some type of laundromat, which is a great place to socialize. Plan to get together with some of your friends there or use it as an opportunity to meet new people. You can also do homework, watch TV, or play on a gadget. Instead of thinking of it as a chore, consider it a forced break with a little washing mixed in.



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