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10/21/2011 10:27


With it being well into the fall semester, undoubtedly you have at least one course that leaves you shaking your head and asking yourself, "why did I choose this class?" Sometimes it is the subject or the time of day, but usually it's the professor that is making you miserable.


The problem is that you generally don't know anything about the professor before enrolling in his/her class. By the time you realize that they are dull, or nitpicky, or just too demanding the cut-off day for dropping classes has already passed.


If only there was a way to get information about your teachers before signing up for their courses…


What's that you say? There is a way to get the low-down on your professors before subjecting yourself to weekly torture sessions under their tutelage, and the name of the website is ratemyprofessor.com?


Yes, it's true. Some inventive person came up with a website where students can post real reviews and comments about their current and past teachers. Forget about those teacher surveys that the college makes you fill out at the end of the semester -- who really knows where those go anyway? This is the real deal, and a place where you can get legitimate info on just about any professor.


If you've never used the site before, once you do, you will most likely waste a good couple of hours looking up every teacher that you can think of. Sometimes you won't find who you are looking for, but if they have been in education for a while, chances are that they will turn up. You can find professors on there from the smallest community college all the way up to those at the best universities.


I realize that I must sound like a salesman for the website, but I'm really not, I just happen to think it's pretty cool. I appreciate the fact that it puts a little power back into the hands of the students. You have to spend all semester kissing butt and following procedures that it feels great to finally speak your mind. Not to say that people just use it as a forum for complaints. Actually, most of the reviews are fairly written.


Give it a try. It will definitely change the way that you register for classes in the future.

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