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09/22/2011 12:31

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with social networking sites. I use them and I check them regularly, but at the same time, I anxiously await their unfortunate demise so we can all get back to our regular lives. That's why when I heard about Google Plus I groaned inwardly and thought to myself, "Oh jeez … not another one." I pretty much thought that I was alone on this standpoint until I came across this video at College Humor. It totally sums up my feelings about Google Plus and social networking in general.



That said, compared to other sites, I kind of like Google Plus (although, I'm not sure if it is worth the effort of switching over or managing another account.) But, the cool part about it is that it divides your "friends" into categories or circles. No longer do you have to share the same information with your friends, co-workers, teachers, and parents. Instead, you get to decide which circle a particular comment is addressed to and it only goes to those people. Hey, sometimes we just don't want our different worlds colliding. Must I remind you of a certain SNL sketch?


video is right after commercial



So, how does this social networking discussion help you to survive college? The bottom line is: don't be a Facebook junkie. You know the signs…


You haven't physically seen any of your "friends" since coming to college.

The professor's lecture keeps distracting you from the comment stream.

You view your online course as a chance to add to your friend tally.

You arrive to class looking like you've been on a bender, but you were really up all night tending your farm.


College is one of the best times in your life for socializing, so tear yourself away from the computer and step out and meet some people outside of the virtual world. No one is fooled by your 600 online friends, and we'd all be much more impressed if you went out and made a handful of real buddies. You know, the type of friends that truly care about you. The ones that will help you move, or watch your dog, or loan you some money.

So, go out and make some memories and take some pictures (not for your Facebook page), and most of all, don't be that person who's seemingly online twenty four hours a day. We see your comments, and we all wonder why you don't get out more.







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