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10/14/2011 13:00


I realize I have been doing a lot complaining during the last few blogs, but I've been in kind of a George Carlin type of mood lately and I just can't help it. So, you're just going to have to deal with it for a while.


Here is my complaint for today:


It's Friday, and I'm happy that the weekend is here, but I  can't stand all of the clichés that go along with it. You know what I'm talking about… everyone saying things like "we made it to the weekend" or "what are you drinking tonight?" or the absolute worst…"TGIF."

Yes, it's the weekend; we'll have another one at the end of next week -- get over it.

I hate to give a commercial free advertisement, but this is the mentality that I am talking about.



The commercial is funny, but in real life -- not so much.


However, this got me thinking about some of the other really annoying clichés that we hear all the time at work and at school. Here are some that I consider the most annoying. See if you agree.


1. "It's Monday"

Another weekday cliché, this one can actually be said several ways but the conversation usually goes something like this:

Person 1: "Hey, how are you this morning?"

Person 2: (with a sigh) "It's Monday."

Is that the best you've got person 2? Stop trying to be cute, we've seen the whole crappy Monday morning routine before and it's just plain old.


2. "Hi, how are you?"

Everybody seems to say this to every person that they encounter… even I say this… but, I am absolutely sick of it. No one cares how the other person is doing; they only ask out of habit. Most people don't even wait for an answer. People even say this to perfect strangers as if the other individual would actually divulge what is going on in their life to someone that they don't know.

Can we not think of a different greeting? How about a simple "hello," or maybe we should  start telling people how we really are and then they will quit asking.


3. "Get 'er dun"

When did everyone become Larry the Cable Guy and how did a redneck colloquialism make it into common vocabulary? I even hear professors say this after issuing assignments.  It's simply weird to hear someone who has a Ph.D. in chemistry or a masters in psychology say something so trite. Are they trying to be "down with the people?" … I don't get it.


4. "Have a good one"

I'm not sure, but I think this saying crawled out of the recesses of redneckdom as well. When people say this I always want to respond with, "have a good what?!" Why not  replace the word "one" with what you really mean (day, night, week, etc). I think people believe that it sounds friendlier, but it is WAY overused.


5. "It is what it is"

What does that even mean? How does this help anyone? To me, it sounds like something that you say when you've run out of things to say.

All that said, my tip for the day is -- be unique. Don't use tiresome sayings that aren't clever anymore (if they ever were). You will seem more genuine and will evoke a lot less eye rolling.


Have a good … … weekend.





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