Top 10 Most Annoying People in Class

10/06/2011 12:22

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Today, I have created a quick list of who I consider to be the 10 most annoying people in class. If you recognize any of your own habits within this list, then please, stop doing these things -- you're really ticking us off.


1. The Foot Relaxer

Do you view that desk in front of you as a comfortable foot rest? You should know that your feet are not weightless and we can feel them resting on our chair legs and on our book basket. We do not appreciate the random jostling of our desks, which breaks our concentration and causes our pencils to roll onto the floor. Stop it!


2. The Close Sitter

Is the top of your desk within an inch of the person sitting in front of you? If so, BACK … IT… UP! We don't want to feel your breath on our necks or get our hair stuck in your notebook. It gives us the willies and forces us to lean forward like a hunchback.


3. The Dumb Question Asker

Teachers like to say that there are no dumb questions, but don't let them fool you, they do exist.  Most of them are a result of not listening. For example, asking when something is due when the professor said less than a minute ago that the assignment is due tomorrow. Word to the wise, if you have zoned out for any length of time, then save yourself some embarrassment and avoid annoying the rest of us by keeping your questions to yourself and asking a friend after class.


4. The Time Waster

No matter if we are taking classes at a traditional college or at one of the best online universities, we can't seem to rid ourselves of time wasters. Usually, these are the same people that are asking dumb questions. Do you ask for explanations about assignments when you clearly haven't read the directions that came with them? If so, shut-up and read. You are wasting our time and we would like to get on with our work.


5. The Talker

This isn't high school anymore and the constant talking is getting on our nerves. We paid for this class and we would like to hear the lesson. Not to mention, that it makes us feel really uncomfortable since you are being so obviously rude to the professor.


6. The One with No Book

Sure, we can share books this once… twice… three times… ok, now it is getting annoying. We need some elbow room and we like to read at our own pace. Buy a book, and bring it to class like the rest of us.


7. The Over-Eager Buddy

Yeah, we talk in class occasionally, and that's cool, but we are not looking for a new best friend. You don't need to walk us to our cars, or find us in the student center, or ask us what we are doing Friday night. A simple, "see ya next time" will suffice. Learn to take some social cues. If we want to form a friendship, then we will let you know.


9. The Sniffer

We're sorry that you have a cold, but would you mind sitting somewhere else? Your incessant sniffing is distracting and causing us to white knuckle our desks so that we don't reach around and strangle you. Sit in the far, far away corner, take some medication, or stay home.


10. The Over-Excited

We are all proud of you for getting an answer right, but you do not have to announce your victory to the class with a loud, "yeeesssssss!" The rest of us stopped doing that in middle school -- learn how to hold it in.





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